• DOB: 04/13/2018

We were just able to acquire a New LYKOI female. This is a very new and rare breed of cat. Also known as the “Werewolf cat”.  Katitudz Asena of Katteycasa  or “Asena” as we lovingly call her is a beautiful Blue Lykoi and came to us from Patti Thomas of Virginia.  Patti is the Lykoiwolfcats Co-Founder and Breeder.  She lovingly raised and spoiled this beautiful girl.  She is an outstanding show quality example of the Lykoi breed.  We are honored to have been entrusted with this sweet little girl and are forever grateful to Patti.


  • The Lykoi breed has been accepted into Championship status by ACFA and TICA. We look forward to showing her as a champion in ACFA soon.